Workshops at FabMo

FabMo Workshops!

FabMo gathers discontinued designer materials from the design community (currently about 40 tons/year), diverting them from their otherwise destination - landfill.  We sort them and make them available at no charge (though donation is greatly appreciated!) to educators, artists, and other interested people, without limitation except to take what you will use, and not to sell them as they are.  Once incorporated into a project, the limitation ceases.

Keeping materials out of the landfill only works until storage fills up.  Sustainability, on the other hand, happens when what comes in one door as surplus goes out another door in the hands of someone who will craft it into something new, beautiful, and useful.  FabMo workshops and classes highlight the creative possibilities and assist with skills and techniques to enable them.

Unless otherwise noted, all workshops and classes will take place at FabMo’s Workshop Center in Mountain View.  Location and directions here.