Workshop Descriptions

Workshops at FabMo


Unless otherwise noted, all workshops will take place at FabMo’s Workshop Annex in Mountain View.  Location and directions here.

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Traditional Glass Painting Project for Your Valentine

February 10, 11a-2p

Ilona Loeber

ALL LEVELS                        $35   

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 We will use FabMo fabrics to create dramatic background for your framed painting. No experience is required for this class.

You must be 18 or older to attend.

Tools/supplies will be provided to you at no extra cost. Instructor would need your preferences about materials you want to work on ( frames, candle holders, glass, bottles ...) before class starts.  

Instructor will contact you via e-mail.

Mixed Fabric Tote Bags

January 19, 1p-5p

Luanne Seymour

ALL LEVELS        $45    

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Start with a selection of FabMo fabrics and combine them to create a beautiful tote bag. We'll learn how to make pockets, use binding, create linings and straps from different fabrics.

Learn the traditional craft of braided rug and basket making using recycled materials of all kinds. Make the start of a useful and decorative object such as a rug, seat mat, pet bed, basket, meditation/dance mat, and more.  In this introductory 3 hour session you will learn the basics of braided rug and basket making and come away with a pictorial summary leaflet, a lacing tool, and enough lacing to complete a seat mat, small rug or basket at home.

Braided Rug & Basket Making

January 26, 1p-4p

Arlene Magarian

ALL LEVELS        $40    

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